What’s in your creative pencil case?

It’s back to school (and back to work) time so while preparing yourself for a new term in the office you need to check you’ve got all of the right tools to help you get results.

Pencil Case


Whatever you are aiming for; growing sales, brand awareness, more users, more site visits, internal comms, Guerilla creative can help you by applying a set of fundamental principles to your brief to ensure you get the results you need.

1. Get the core proposition right based on audience insights – Planning
2. Have a great idea and bring it to life for the brand – Creative
3. Work hard to ensure your audience gets the message – Targeting
4. Measure everything to see what works and prove success – Measurement.

Here’s a campaigns for Vouchercodes.co.uk which delivered great sales results because it has a simple core proposition, spot on for the brand, targeted at the right audience and evaluated by a unique response code.

Voucher Codes_New Visuals in Situ

Send us a brief, we’ll do our homework and come back to you with a recommendation, including a budget and creative concepts at no risk or commitment from yourselves.

We just want a chance to come top of the class in your next creative pitch.

Give us a call on 01628 819007 or drop us a note: team@guerilla-creative.co.uk


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