GDPR a great opportunity for marketers

By now you have become intimately acquainted with your clients and / or your own companies GDPR obligations and have spent an unprecedented and unwelcome amount of time attempting to comply with a complex, subjective and shifting piece of legislation.

With the final flurry of GDPR deadline emails imploring you to opt in, opt out, or simply do nothing, you must be as amazed as I am, at how many mailing lists you belong to. Mailing lists you never subscribed to, or have the faintest interest in. Which goes to prove that the last decade or so’s obsession with the Holy Grail of data-centric marketing has been largely (if not entirely) as most obsessions are, a frantic waste of time.

Less than 5% of most marketing databases are active – ie the recipients of the emails actually know who is mailing them and are interested in what they have to say. The other 95% just hit delete if they make it past the junk filter, and yet they keep coming.

GDPR could, and I stress could, be the saviour of properly engaging direct marketing activity for those marketers who are brave enough to allow their precious, though largely impotent, mailing lists and databases to wither away and actually focus their attention on the few who are interested, work out why, then find more of the same.

Start with the brand, what it means to people and why those who love you, love you. Revisit what you are all about and amplify those messages.

Be brave and switch budget out of data and into channels which engage audiences in places where they are making decisions about the type of things you sell.

Stop being part of the tidal wave of unwanted digital messaging and actively ask customers what they want and if they do want to ‘join your club’ sure, welcome them in, sit them down and make them comfortable.

We’re all different, we’re all individuals so there is no off-the-shelf solution in this Brave New World, but if you’d welcome a grown up conversation about how your marketing strategy could thrive post GDPR then please get in touch.

Gus@guerilla-creative.co.uk – 01628819007



Wise words

We have recently refurbished Guerilla Towers taking advantage of the post New Year lull, we now sport minimalistic ‘Scandi’ fixtures and fittings, white space, clean lines and yes lots of green plants (only some of which are real).

One new arrival we are particularly pleased with is the stenciling around the office. These are all quotes about the nature of creativity which we put up to a) make the place look more arty and b) remind us on a daily basis of why we are here and what we are best at.

We had a lot of fun in defining creativity whilst choosing the quotes which adorn our walls and it reminded us about the process we employ to get the best creative results for our clients.

As Leo Burnett tells us above the coffee machine; “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” and you may be curious to know how we come up with our amazing creative ideas, so here you go…

1. Firstly fully understand the brief – ask questions, be curious and be clear on the objective
2. Then get inside the mind of the target audience , talk to them find insights about how they think and feel in our clients ‘space’
3. Crucially, simplify the core proposition into a single thought
4. Remember to free your thinking from the past, don’t just do what you did last time
5. Finally, be brave and have fun

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way” Edward De Bono quietly insists from the wall beside the printer. And he’s right.

In an increasingly digitally homogenized world, the success of a campaign or brand depends ever more on the beauty of simple creative ideas. Whether we are trying to help a new grocery brand fly off the shelves, rebuild the reputation of a train operator or create a revolutionary new Healthcare brand, the Guerilla philosophy, backed by the wise words which surround us, ensure we are true to that aim. And that’s why the work we do is so successful.

Oh and the last bit, about fun, if we enjoy the work we do so do our clients and
after all, who can disagree with Albert Einstein who famously said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”





Guerilla launch AEG water softeners


We have been busy boys and girls over the last few months launching a new range of water softeners into the UK. If you live anywhere north of Leicester you will think that us southerners are soft enough already. But actually we are hard, well our water is at least. Guerilla have created a web site, a trade launch, trade advertising and PR for the campaign which demonstrates the advantages to the average family of installing a water softener.  We really immersed ourselves in this project involving creating a positioning for AEG water softeners and a short film to dramatise the benefits of soft water.

If you feel like putting soft water at the heart of your home – check out their web site aeg-watertreatment.co.uk

If you want a chat with the softies at Guerilla-Creative who created this campaign check out our web site or be even braver and give us a call on 01628-819007