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We have had great fun last month working with the new Thameslink brand style. We have used it to develop a campaign for The key – a smart card that offers rail commuters a speedy and secure alternative to traditional paper season tickets. This is one of the first campaigns to use the new brand styling and we have to say we think it looks rather smart.

Tap Touch Go_Thameslink_48Sheet_600px

If you need someone to take a fresh look at how your brand communicates or just want to breathe new life into your advertising tap our number into your phone, touch base with someone from the Guerilla-Creative team and we are good to go. Next stop some awesome new creative ideas for your brand.








We’ve been really busy for the last month or so working to deliver the first campaign for the new Arriva owned Northern franchise.  Entitled do something different the campaign challenges the audience to consider doing something different this summer.  A series of eye-catching posters and digital ads draw the customer in to a landing page which has over 50 interesting and different things to do by train.

DoSomethingDifferent_DRs_1 DoSomethingDifferent_DRs_2

We had great fun researching and checking out quirky and unusual things to do across the north. Some of our favourites include:
Husky trekking in north Yorkshire, a bar that masquerades as a pawn shop in Manchester, the eponymous hidden gem tea shop in Sheffield and a circus skills academy in Newcastle.

DoSomethingDifferent_Images_1 DoSomethingDifferent_Images_2
Guerilla creative devised the campaign, sourced the content and produced all of the collateral in a relatively short time for what is effectively a new brand. The campaign also utilised e-mail, GDN, search, digital conventional outdoor poster sites.

If you want to Do Something Different with your next campaign drop us a note or pick up the phone – we would love to have a chat.






Guerilla serving up great content

As Andy Murray waits for the rain to stop in France so he can play his French open quarterfinal and Wimbledon is so close you can almost hear Sir Cliff singing I thought that this was sufficient a tenuous link to reflect on the content creation service (get it?) that we offer our clients.

Combining journalistic skills with great ideas we provide content for a diverse range of Clients and target audiences including Cook Italian, Thameslink, Ecowater, Northern and Glenryck.

For our transport clients it’s all about journey stimulation with ideas on where to go and what to do and see when you get there. We actually have great fun doing this and often combine desk research with site visits. A great excuse to get out from behind the desk and think laterally about a Clients objective, rubbing shoulders with the target audience experiencing the service for ourselves.

Among other gems we have tried out our circus skills in Shoreditch and found a speak easy hidden behind a launderette in Manchester’s northern quarter. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.


But it’s not just travel related content, equally fun is dreaming up content for Cook Italian’s authentic range of pasta and tomatoes. Or brain teasers for Glenryck pilchards.


Increasingly integrating content provision with campaign creative is a trend that we see as key to creating appealing interactive campaigns. It also delivers to our core proposition:

To generate great creative ideas tailored to the Clients objectives and audience and have fun doing it.

If you are look for cost effective ways to get more from your next campaign, then give us a call on 01628 819007




Guerilla launch AEG water softeners


We have been busy boys and girls over the last few months launching a new range of water softeners into the UK. If you live anywhere north of Leicester you will think that us southerners are soft enough already. But actually we are hard, well our water is at least. Guerilla have created a web site, a trade launch, trade advertising and PR for the campaign which demonstrates the advantages to the average family of installing a water softener.  We really immersed ourselves in this project involving creating a positioning for AEG water softeners and a short film to dramatise the benefits of soft water.

If you feel like putting soft water at the heart of your home – check out their web site aeg-watertreatment.co.uk

If you want a chat with the softies at Guerilla-Creative who created this campaign check out our web site or be even braver and give us a call on 01628-819007






Who ever said Health and Safety was a boring area?

Well, just about everyone to be honest – but not the good creative folk at camp Guerilla! When First Bus approached us with a brief to communicate the importance of Smith System training principles in their network of UK depots, we buried our cynicism under the patio and got to work. A brainstorm in the darker recesses of the Guerilla underground cellar system gave life to a 1950’s Horror film inspired creative route guaranteed to get some attention among the familiar dull clutter of the typical Depot noticeboard.

Working with the Group Communications and Training teams we used short video sequences and interviews with drivers to highlight specific case studies and linked this via QR codes on the posters to YouTube shorts. Needless to say it’s been a box office hit and the talk of the canteen!


If you would like to add a dash of Guerilla Creative yo your next internal comms project – give is a call on 01628 819 007.



A UK first for Guerilla

That’s January’s sorted. One twelfth of the year down and Guerilla is off to a flying start.

We decided we’d tell you about the great stuff we’ve been doing most recently, work we are proud of which met the following criteria :
1. Visually different
2. Successful for our clients
3. Value for money
4. Innovative
But we had to too much to choose from, so we thought we’d share this UK “first” with you all.
We have just launched UK Rails first “smart wall” – for our friends at Northern Rail.


We provided all the content for the wall including designing Customer Information screens, adapting adverts for the digital format and developed a fab new animation style to introduce the smart wall to customers.

Meet the Northern ticket pal

Harrogate-large screen-reverse-welcome_3 (2)

He’ll help you buy a ticket, plan your route, check out the latest news and weather. Sadly he can’t make you a coffee, but he will tell you if you have time for one before your next train!

Could we help you develop your next creative campaign?
Go on, give the team at Guerilla a call on 01628 819007.
We are hoping it will be a world first so we can top this blog!


WOW what a year 2015 was

Whew, what a year 2015 was for Guerilla! We’ve been so busy that we’ve neglected to blog. Take a look at some of the things that kept us busy…

If you have a project that could benefit from a fresh creative approach, fear not, we are ready and waiting to make your brief one of the highlights of 2016. Give us a call on 01628 819 007 and lets get busy.

Working our socks off


Our friends at First Group UK needed our help to promote bus travel for 16-18 year olds in the Greater Manchester zone with their mobile ticket app. So, as well as using colourful socks as characters, we enlisted the help of internet celebrity and Vine Star Tish Simmonds to help us make the film more entertaining to teenagers, and to spread it across the internet to her millions of followers. Broom, broom!

Time to play as well


Summer seems so long ago! We’ve been working with Northern Rail to promote days out and activities in the North by train via digital media and outdoor advertising. Our year-long campaign has resulted in millions of impressions and record online sales.

Dodging around


Meet Derek. He’s a bit of a nasty character; he hogs seats on the train, leaves litter, and pushes through barriers without paying. Derek was created as part of a series of animated shorts for the UK’s biggest rail operator to show people the effects of fare evasion. Derek is currently sauntering his way through Facebook and Youtube and is nominated for several transport awards.

Dinner time


Ciao! In Italy, food is meant to be celebrated with friends and family. This year, we’ve helped bring people together over authentic Italian cooking and ingredients for our amici over at Cook Italian by building a skyrocketing online Facebook community and getting people social over pasta and pizza. We created fresh (and delicious!) content for our Facebook foodies, including recipe swaps, cooking tips, surveys, and monthly competitions with fantastic prizes, making Cook Italian the fastest growing Italian grocery brand in the UK. With over 45,000 likes we must be doing something pretty fantistico!

Shower time


Woman washing her hair

We love getting immersed in our clients products, we recently dipped our toes into the world of water softeners producing a short promotional film for a well-known European water softener brand in the UK. Watch this space for the consumer roll out.

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