Guerilla launch AEG water softeners


We have been busy boys and girls over the last few months launching a new range of water softeners into the UK. If you live anywhere north of Leicester you will think that us southerners are soft enough already. But actually we are hard, well our water is at least. Guerilla have created a web site, a trade launch, trade advertising and PR for the campaign which demonstrates the advantages to the average family of installing a water softener.  We really immersed ourselves in this project involving creating a positioning for AEG water softeners and a short film to dramatise the benefits of soft water.

If you feel like putting soft water at the heart of your home – check out their web site aeg-watertreatment.co.uk

If you want a chat with the softies at Guerilla-Creative who created this campaign check out our web site or be even braver and give us a call on 01628-819007





Team portraits

We have been working on our facebook page (have you looked yet? http://www.facebook.com/guerilla-marketing.co.uk), as part of this those clever people in our studio have created a number of portraits of team – the rest are still being drawn up as we speak but here are some. So meet the Guerilla team

A set of portraits of the Guerilla Team

Some of the team here at Guerilla


The brains behind the British Science Festival

Static clings

Static clings - one of a range of techniques used to drive public interest

We are so bloomin clever at Guerilla even the boffs at the British Science Association come to use for advice. As part of a campaign to generate interest in and visits to the British Science Festival we scattered brains all over Birmingham in high footfall areas and invited the public to grab them and head down to the Aston University to help create Britain’s biggest brain. A great idea but we all know Britain’s biggest brains are the Guerilla planning team, who just happen to write this blog.

Why not give us a call on 01628 819007  and see if the big brains at Guerilla can help your marketing effort.